My First completed Mini!!!!

                                                                                                         I create it  with the video series  on Creations with Christina check out the video series!!! DOnt mind the date I changed the batteries in February and never changed my date....oops. 

I could not bind it becasue after waiting 2 weeks for my Cinch ordered on HSN it was send broken!!!  :( and now I cant even exchange it beacuse it is sold sad.....but my mini....I just love the outcome!!

Some of my creations

Some of my creations

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I am chosen to do the will of God. I was chosen to be a mom to 2 incredible boys. I was placed on earth to encourage, love and praise those I love. I am made in his image and so proud to have the best Dad anyone could ever ask for. Living your dreams is one of the best feeling here on earth.