This is my mess of a desk Yikes!!!  :) 

Over at Creations With Christina she ask us to show our desk right cleaning or straighten up...just working on a little this and desk is so small 4 things on it make it messy.  I'm moving this weekend so I'm in the midst of packing so this is a catch all right now.  I am sooo embarrassed...but shoot everyone else joined in so what the heck!

Good day!

Hello all, how have you all been? I have been really sick and trying to get better....I miss scrapbooking, cardmaking, blogging and most of all my ability to sit at my desk creating something to melt away all of the days events.  I never thought I would have to struggle to be healthy...despite my being a medical mystery I do know that it takes away from my life, my love of cooking as well as my creating not just my crafty side but my creating dishes and memories with my boys. 

 I enjoy cooking them wonderful meals, trying new recipes, making our favorites and most of all talking at the table over these wonderful and sometimes simple meals.   In the last few months during my illness I have grown to be thankful for the little things we sometimes take for granted.  I know God has allot of work to do in me and as I ponder on why I have been sick and why life has had so many obsticles I have learned that it is these moments that make life abundant its not how much money or our achievements as much as our ability to enjoy lifes simple pleasures. 

 As I gain my strength and my health I loook forward to a day when I will resume enjoying time with my boys as well as the joys in my life is tough now but would be tougher if  I did not have them in my life....I truly do cherish it all. 

I have added 2 cards I colored with my new  Copics from my Copic Club I love learning these techniques these cards were created adfter learning how to do skiin tone, I colored some of it with colored pencils because I only had skin tone colored markers at the time, I am excited to learn the coloring of hair and receive those markers soon. 

Have a blessed week I look forward to sharing a few crafty words and look forward to summer to wash away my sickies. :)  Don't these take you to the summer days ahead?

 {{NJ Hugs}} -christine

My First completed Mini!!!!

                                                                                                         I create it  with the video series  on Creations with Christina check out the video series!!! DOnt mind the date I changed the batteries in February and never changed my date....oops. 

I could not bind it becasue after waiting 2 weeks for my Cinch ordered on HSN it was send broken!!!  :( and now I cant even exchange it beacuse it is sold sad.....but my mini....I just love the outcome!!

A card I created by changing a word cluster with a flower into a sexy card featuring shiny lips for the one you love....I welded the lips and covered the can check on my  older post for a step by step on how you can recreate this card for your me some love by leaving a comment I submitted this to the Flaunt it Fridays challenge where you can join in the fun at 
So here it is:
Layout 1 ~~~ LOAD 2011!!!!

So LOAD 2011 has begun!!! I am so excited and its not too late to join click here Join LOAD 2011 here to join in on the fun it is worth every dime you spend on it trust me! 

So I completed my 1st layout yesterday I had to choose the first picture I was that inspired me. 

I would love to hear what you think thanks for stopping by and I will talk to you later on today!  (yes I will be posting my layouts daily!) Go me...oops forgot to do it yesterday and my date on my camera was wrong too but I did complete this layout in about an hour! :)

See you later with my new layout!



Some of my creations

Some of my creations

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