Hello all and I anticipate that you all had a wonderful Valentine’s, and Presidents Day. I was blessed to have to work on Valentine’s Day I mean really so many people losing their jobs I truly felt good to say I had to work. Why did I work well I was overseeing a dream for many of us who much desired a new and IMProved IT at work ...woo wee!! Except it took longer than I suspected and I was late to my family tradition Valentine Fondue. Although I was able to complete all my Valentine Day cards and mini scrapbooks that were my gifts this year. They came our great too bad I do not know how to post some of my many creations…..one day I tell you I will be Blogg savvy! So I finally got to the real business at hand…Fondue. A few years ago I am happy to say I began the tradition of dipping strawberries, pound cake, granny smith apples (yum my FAV), and pineapples into our melted chocolate. Over the years we have added a few more fruits the newest fruit being the banana wow that is a great combination! So I got there about 8pm to an already half dipped in chocolate of course compliments of Matt who is our “professional chocolate FonDOuer” he is the one who enlightened me the first year on how it is done. Oh and I forgot the fondue pot and I thought I was ahead of the game having dropped all the fixin’s over to my mother’s house the day before! Ha ha! Exhausted I am and not nearly as energized as I should be because yes you guessed it I work tomorrow…yup on a Sunday argggghh. I almost missed the really great part of the weekend, I have a crop after work or at least I was supposed to. The weekend seems like a blur today but I was off on Monday and that was really cool too. The boys and I had a date for a 24 marathon yup I watched 7 hours of 24 wow I have never watched that much in one sitting in my whole entire life. Tuesday day 1 of the IT revamp all I have to say is EXAUstion…about 2o tickets later my day is over!!!! Thank you LORD for your promise “that this too shall pass” you are awesome beginnings and ending all in its timing. My baby got a really terrible 24 hour stomach bug so I lost some more sleep but am extremely glad he is better. It is a terrible feeling when there seems to be a limit as to how much help you can be to your children when illness comes over them such as a stomach virus. Friday finally here…sleep well so I thought I got a second wind and decided I would finish up my sample mini paper bag scrapbook and as if that was not enough “The Other Boleyn Girl came! I watched it and thoroughly enjoyed the costumes and the acting. If you like foreign movies you will enjoy this one, I was sorry it finish. So I ordered Sense and Sensibility as per the recommendation in the previews, yes I know I am a little behind the times but I am happy to finally be able to say that I love foreign films thus I am just learning about most of them. They say women age and get better like wine I agree I am truly happy with my new discoveries about "me". So until next time I will bit you farewell and look forward to the remainder of February remember that the joy of the Lord is your strength so when things seem tough remember that “You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you”. FFT: Though life may have twists and turns remember that he will never leave you nor forsake you so be encouraged because this too shall pass.

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Some of my creations

Some of my creations

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