Operation Write Home
Midweek Throwdown challenge
Their challenge this week is Halloween! 
They challenged us to make Halloween cards for our heroes to send home to their loved ones! 
A special request this Halloween card making season:

We encourage you to stay away from "death" and "skulls and crossbones" for your Halloween cards. Happy little ghosties and skeletons are fine, and there are even some silly skulls (add some wiggly eyes and you can cheer up just about anything!)...... but some of the stamps and papers out there can be pretty gloomy....and while our heroes may love all the spooky side of the holiday, and their families as well, we would still like to stay on the 'happy' side of Halloween. Why? Well, if something unfortunately happened to one of our heroes, and a gloomy card was the final communication between them and their family—you get the idea? We want to help that be a positive memory for all concerned! 

So this is my take on the card challenge  thankfully  they wanted fun idea,s so to support them  I  joined the challenge, don't you love this sweet mummy?  I know there is a "Mummy" missing her babies while she is fighting for OUR country, so my prayers are with them all for a safe return to their little ones.  Hug and love on your little ones today... I know I did.  My boys even helped me with my design I am so blessed to have them with me everyday and I am so thankful for their love and support.  
 Hoping you'll join in on the fun and play along!!!


Have a wonderful day WOoWeE we are having a 3 day weekend lots to do YIKES its the last weekend of the summer!
I am hopeful you will get it all in there including some relaxing time to create I know I will!!!



  1. This is soooo adorable! Love it! I know they will love it too. happy Wednesday!

  2. Christine this is so cute! I love it! Thanks for playing along with us this week at Operation Write Home!

  3. so cute. I'll have to dig out my halloween stash. I bought some great papers last year that i never got a chance to use. i'm on it and I'll see you the 11th. How many folks are you expecting?

  4. Ok Christine, check out my Halloween cards on my blog. Yes I said cards. I made one and then became really inspired and kept going. 7 cards later.... I'll bring them all with me next week to send to the troops.
    See you then.

  5. Very cute card! Love that mummy :)

    I almost didnt get to see it - something funky happened with the url in InLinkz.


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Some of my creations

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