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So how have you all been!  I know so much has changed in my life....the last post was posted several years ago just before I got severely ill.  I spent allot of time in the past few years healing physically and emotionally.  I thank God every day that he gives me life yet another day to enjoy the simple things in life. 

Matthew my son now 20 is making his momma proud everyday by his accomplishements.  Just yesterday he got his final interview (three in total) with his District Manager and was officially promoted after just 10 months to Shift Supervisor at Starbucks!!!  Now he is not just my baby boy but a young accomplished Coffee Master (he passed many months of extensive training and testing as a Barista)....I love hearing him tell me stories about customers, coworker, Christmas events I hear the joy in his voice with every story and I feel so thankful that he loves what he does. 

Lucas is almost 12 and in Middleschool!!! Yikes times flies and he is in a school that he does not really like for many good reasons but as always he finds a way to help others and protect them from others through his talk of being nice to one another.  He is protective, strong, creative,thoughtful, respectful and loving which is something I have instilled in both of my boys but Lucas at such a youg age truly gets it all!  We walk the dog and he is looking around and checks the door at night constantly being a protector!  I call him Officer he dreams of becoming an animal control officer some day he already has the characteristics of an officer....a compassionate officer.  So he is almost out of school for the summer break and actually wants to go away to camp without Mommy can you beleive it! we will try and make it happen for him. :)

So I have become really involved in the Youtube community and feel truly blessed to have some of my most amazing friends whom I've met there.  I try and post weekly projects or challenges so I hope you can take time and visit sometime its

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