So it has been quite a busy winter for me and the boys thus I have neglected my Blog my apologies. Where do I begin I suppose with my blessings and I will count them one by one so here they go: -Matt loves playing his 3 instruments, electric/acoustic guitar, xylophone, and drums. I’m so proud of him he even played at church…shhhh don’t tell him I told. -Lucas is loving his new music extended day class and was upset he had to miss a day of music class, “Mom I was about to play a new instrument when you picked me up” and here I thought I was keeping their best interest at heart because of the bad weather…sigh -Ava my sweet baby girl, oops I meant dog was sick and just miserable for a day or two. - I met a really incredible woman who has turned out to be an awesome friend who I connected with instantaneously and went on a Martin Luther King shopping spree with the girls….. We didn’t spend too much money and of course we needed All those supplies right girls?…..wink wink. -I was asked if I wanted to join forces with Joann of Heights Scrappers as assistant organizer to my delight I accepted and love every minute of - I went to my first Croppers Delight Major did I say major crop…oh my all that was missing was my formal dress as I felt like I was cropping in a 4 star restaurant. Anyone who knows me well knows my LOVE of food so while I cropped for 10 hours I smelled the aroma of food pretty much the whole day….yuuuummmooo. I met some really awesome ladies who blessed me with an invitation to the Girls scout Crop camp that I am packing to go to this weekend. - Truly felt God’s heavy hand upon my life when more than a dozen strangers came to my rescue to try and get my door unlocked in everyway they could due to my absentmindedness by locking my key in it. So although I spend 3 hours in the freezing cold I felt the warmth of his presence as he send these little angels to my rescue. So I guess I have not had such a bad time in the past month huh? Now the car T-R-O-U-B-L-E I had seems like such a minuet detail after all these blessings don’t you think? So the winter is one more month in and I cannot wait until warmth touches my faces and more importantly it’s warm days are not just a dream. FFT: Begin your day and end your day by counting your blessings one by one then those small obstacle will seem so small. Lastly don’t tell God how huge your problems are but tell your problems how HUGE GOD is!

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