The first signs of spring are finally here new beginnings birds chirping hints of warmer days. As March comes to an end I think of all the challenges I have faced with my family this winter. What lies ahead we often think of how and what this new season will bring for me and my boys. God has blessed us with a new kitten named Theodora who is the new addition to our family. She is so pretty and so temperamental all at once. It is interesting how animals adjust to their environment with little or no resistance in comparison to us humans. We either adjust or everyone hears about it….hehehe. This spring I have been faced with the challenge of looking for a new apartment oh what a task it has been not because we have to move but because it has been a challenge to conform to not having my own home. Renting has proven to be the hardest challenge since relocating back to the city this past year. As I reflect on how, this Spring I will miss the beautiful flowers right outside the window of what was my home. I will miss the little rabbit running across my lawn and the starry nights I spent wondering what the rest of the world was struggling with. Now after a year I reflect on God’s mercy and his love to see me through it all this year and last. I am still looking and am very excited but can’t help wonder what the future holds for us but instantaneously I am reminded that he will NEVER leave me not forsake me so in the good time and in the bad he will be in the midst of it all. For now Happy Spring! Remember to welcome in the fresh new start it will bring as you reflect the growth that will come because of change. TFTD: God had created the heavens and the earth for us. Enjoy the fruits of his labor! “Stop and smell the roses you might be surprised at what you discover” ; ) God Bless you and Happy Spring! -christine

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