Hello! I hope that everyone is enjoying their summer because we are enjoying ours! It’s interesting in years past I did not enjoy summer yet something happened this summer. Lucas and Matt passed to the next grade in school, we moved into a beautiful and cozy smaller apartment along with significant savings in rent. So this was the start of a great summer here in New Jersey, Matt found something he was interested in ----- a camp that would satisfy his love of nature and camping as well as his passion for computers/technology. While Lucas toyed with the idea of going or not going to camp this summer I remained patient the supportive mom. I waited idly while Matt was in awe of my finding a camp that was perfect for him and finally had to admit “mom you really do know me well”. Lucas decided he might wait for the second session of camp and “maybe I might change my mind then mom”….so he was happy to stay with Grandma until August. Matt embarked on a journey of creating new friendships outside the family and establishing relationships. So I have embarked on being a summer “take me here take me there mom”. Much to my delight I am enjoying doing all the running because I realized that one day soon my boys will be all grown up and ready to be on their own. Matt showed me first hand what it will be like as he left on a trip to Vermont for 10 days….. While he celebrated his 16th birthday can you imagine!….with NO communication at all.. I was a mess to say the very least I was a mess! God showed me that he will be leaving in 2 years and this was preparation for the day when he goes off to college ---a time for a mom in which this wonderful experience hurts so deeply. Sighhhh.. so with all that said Lucas decided not to do camp and I remain consistent and supportive of their decisions. Now for my role as a woman I have spent the last month embarking on a new adventure, its fun exciting and extremely scary. Often times when I am pondering what I want to do in the near future I pause and look at my boys and their needs. They are my focus, my drive and my reason for living each day so for now I decide that my sacrifice for them is worth it. When I love I love completely and unmoved thus sometimes I feel it’s easier to just remain focused on my boys and not let anyone else in. You see loving for me is easy-- as it may not be for others I know that I was put on this earth to love and do so unconditionally. So as I embrace who I am and I go willingly with the newness, the freshness and more importantly the unknowns. The boys and I are blessed and I know that God would only enhance our family not hinder us. So I will say farewell for now and pray that you all enjoy the rest of your vacation and remember take chances, do what you might never have done before because hey sometimes God surprises you and you find out that you actually like it! TTFD: The future depends on what we do in the present – Mahatma Ghandi God bless! -christine

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