Hello! Life may be crazy and a bit disappointing but one thing I know for sure is where my help comes from. He said in he would never leave me nor forsake me…and that I was more than a conqueror in him. So I have been challenged for the past 2 months and though the trials may seem tedious and overwhelming GOD always reveals his hand upon me. My car has been doings really bad, and I have tried to repair here and repair there but always seems to be something or another with it...such a hardship..but my faith will not waiver I know things will get better soon. My boys are struggling with respect and rules but are amazing with everyone else so again I see my work in progress. Although my boys are my life but GOD has been showing me that I need to sit back and take things in stride a little bit more…Let go and let GOD! Thanksgiving this year was a time for me to get back to the basics, Lucas and I had our traditional turkey lunch, Matt went with his Dad then we went to Grandmas for a few hours where we ate the best Thanksgiving meal I’ve had in a year...hehehehe. I spent some time with friends and family on Thanksgiving but this year it seemed different. It was great but somewhat quiet for my family which was a bit unusual this year we seemed to all gather together but left our many different attitudes somewhere else and just hung out…the food was plenty and the laughter constant. I do apologize for not posting in the last 2 months life happened are you can all understand. Happy holiday to all and don’t forget to enjoy ALL the small things that will someday be your biggest blessings. -christine

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Some of my creations

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I am chosen to do the will of God. I was chosen to be a mom to 2 incredible boys. I was placed on earth to encourage, love and praise those I love. I am made in his image and so proud to have the best Dad anyone could ever ask for. Living your dreams is one of the best feeling here on earth.