Happy Summer all! A HUGE Happy Birthday to my son Matthew!! My hope is that you all are enjoying your summer so far. We are not quite enjoying the heat but the activities are abundant. Luke is enjoying his first full month of camp he is not a fan of camp as his past experiences have not been good ones, this time there are a few struggles but he is enjoying most of it. Interesting enough he has an old soul and continually says “Mom they need to treat all the kids respectfully, my friend is from Africa and I know he is different but that does not mean they should treat him bad.” So he has taken his new friend under his wing and has defended him to other children and says “Suliman is my friend a good friend Mom”. He even prays for him at night that GOD will protect him when he takes the train alone after camp. It really blessed my heart to know that when I teach him the principles of being a child of GOD he completely understands and puts it into practice. Matthew is doing his usual outdoors camping but this year he is back packing and climbing mountains in West Virginia. A blessing form GOD all expense paid and then when he returns he will go back to the Camp Interactive site here in the Bronx and with his team develop (from scratch) a website with photo and video footage of his outdoor experience. Only GOD could bless both him and I with a camp that encompasses his LOVE of the outdoors (he’s a Boy scout), and his passion for Information technology. I tell you when GOD delivers us the desires of our hearts it is something to be amazed at. I miss him dearly as there is no communication from him for 7 days and not to mention I cannot tell him Happy Birthday today when he turned 17. ..sniffle I am proud of him and cannot wait to see my baby who always seems to mature after these trips and is sprouting into a young man right before my eyes. When he is done developing the site I will post the link so you all can see their magnificent work. Enjoy the remainder of this month, I may be able to post something up about our little vacation well actually a STAY-cation. ;) I am looking forward to some rest and relaxation with my 2 babies….shhhh I know they are not babies but they will always be MY babies. TFD: Give your loved ones some affection today and a few hugs. Telling your family and friends you love them is so important because life is so precious! May GOD bless you and keep you and your families safe! Talk to you all soon! -christine

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  1. great to see you updated your post :) hope you are well.


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