Hello All!

I hope you all are excited to hopefully have a long Labor Day weekend I know I am there is so much to prepare for next week. My boys start school Matt is a senior this year... wow college visits, applications, decisions decisions.  Luke begins 4th grade at a new school this year where he will be blessed to learn the violin and begins his dance lessons (at school)  which will begin with Ball Room dancing  how awesome is that?!!  I am so excited and prayerful that I will have the health and endurance to do it all for me and my boys.  Change is good and despite the feeling of uncertainty I know GOD will equip us to make the changes as well as learn the lessons during and after these changes.  :) 

Let me share that next week I will hosting a Operation Write Home Birthday Bash here in New York City.  In July  I was blessed to have celebrated my first year of my Meetup, a year ago I embarked on what was unfamiliar to me but to a calling in my life to teach others how to relax and learn a hobby thus I created Serenity-in-Manhattan.  Although I was unaware how to do it, how often, what kinds of things to teach GOD reminded me of what relaxed me and gave me much joy, scrapbooking and card making.  So after 1 year I am proud to say that although my classes are not bursting at the seams yet I am truly blessed.  So in honor my gratitude for my blessing I thought I would be a blessing to others so I searched then fell in LOVE ...with Operation Write Home and their mission which is: To support our nation’s armed forces by sending blank greeting cards to write home on, as well as cards of gratitude to encourage them what a perfect way to celebrate.

I am HAPPY to invite you all to join me, even if you can't come to Manhattan please join me in creating homemade cards for the armed services September 11th.  It is a great time to remind us of what they do for our country and that we have not forgotten about their daily sacrifices.  All are welcome to join me in from 10am - 2pm in Manhattan (email me for address) if you cannot make it please create a few cards perhaps you can mail them to me  so that I can include them in Serenity-in -Manhattan's goal of 300 cards I believe and have faith that we will exceed our initial goal with the help of us all. 

Thank you all for joining me by visiting my blog  I truly enjoy the sweet comments and look forward to a better blogging experience with you all. My regular challenges will be back in 2 weeks but there may be a video tutorial coming soon so keep checking back!

Have a wonderful and safe Labor Day weekend how befitting to find this great quote....
Change always comes bearing gifts! ~ Price Prichett




  1. What a great cause to dedicate your time to. I hope you collect 300 cards. Keep in mind only one can make a difference in someones life. Best of luck :)

  2. HI Christine
    I was looking for your email and couldn't find it???
    I wanted to address your question about the shadow you are getting when printing out digi stuff. I have not had that happen and wondering if it's the paper or your printer. Perhaps to narrow down the problem have a friend print if for you to see if they are having the same problem or you can email it to a printing company and have them print it if they are local. ( just to see if this only happens in your printer) then try a different paper and lastly email your printing company. Sorry I don't have an easy answer for you and feel free to contact me at kathyrac@mac.com
    Thanks so much for your sweet comments

  3. Christine, Great event this afternoon. It was the perfect event to host on the 9/11 anniversary. I can't wait for your next event.


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