LOAD Day 1 -Housekeeping
We needed to create a layout with the title "Once Upon a Time".
It brought me back to a time post motherhood of the things that made me tick...like reading 3-4 books a week, I have no time to finish even 1 book these days.  I loved this challenge it helped me to see how things have changed including some of my desires as a child.  What where you like "Once Upon a Time"?


  1. Nice Christine. Are you keeping up with load. I haven't seen you on the flickr group. i"m going to check your layouts out. HOpe you are well.

  2. Yes i'm really behind so I post late all the time. I LOVE it girl thanks!! I'm good how are you and the family?



  3. Love your layouts and thanks so much for sharing and giving me the info on the stamps. I love all or your ideas and creations.

  4. Love the layouts!! TFS... Stop by my blog for a chance to win a Cricut Cart! Ends Friday! Bug Hugs :D


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Some of my creations

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