"Wedding Belles" Silly Shy Sushi Doll DT Project

I created an 8x8 wedding layout for my DT project featuring Maria a Silly Shy Sushi Doll digital image....she is a Qinciniera image but I dolled her up and changed a few things to create a bride.  You can purchase Maria at https://artcsushi.com/

Here is the video I shared a few close up pictures in the beginning and end of the video:

Thank you for coming by and for viewing my video your support means allot! 



Design Team Project for Silly Shy Sushi Dolls!

Back to School Idea

Hi everyone!  

I wanted to share with you all my newest Design Team Project for  the Back School new Sushi doll release. You can go over to purchase the images I used in my projects and SO many other wonderful digital images.  Did I tell you I collect the Sushi Doll images I truly love them and their versatility I'm telling you try them and you'll see...no clean up and you can have the image any size you choose!  So go on over to www.artcsushi.com and tell Suzi I sent ya she is a sweetheart and if your purchasing 5 or more images ask her about any discounts or promotions going on!  I have linked my videos below for you to see and hopefully get you inspired to create your own.  

Thank you all for visiting and come back to see how I create a bracelet and ring with my favorite Sushi images!  God bless!  ((Hugs)) -Christine 

AUGUST Guest Designer Artist       for Little Blue Button Stamps!

I was asked to be guest designer for August over at Little Blue Button Stamps!  I was so honored to do so and had a blast colorign and creating these projects. You can go to her shop to purchase the digital images I used in these projects or MANY MORE including rubber stamps at www.lbbstamps.com.  Thank you for visiting Go on over and check our her beautiful images and tell Olga I sent ya!  ;) So here are my creations on YouTube were I go into further detail.  Thank you for visiting my humble little blog!

Thanks for visiting and come back soon! I have some beautiful ideas using Silly Shy Sushi Doll digital images!  

((Hugs)) - Christine 

New Beginings...Dreams do come True!


Hope all is well with you and your families my boys and I are chugging along thank God. Matt is now 20 a coffee master, and now Shift Manager at a very reputable Coffee chain.  I'm so proud of him. He's so intelligent and driven!  Lucas is still 11 he will be 12 in October who is now a 7th grader in Middle School!  I still can't believe he is in Middle School already....he's such a sweetheart with an eye of an eagle!  My boys are the light of my life and throughout my raising them as a single Mom I've sacrificed my wishes for theirs and its brought me so much joy.  Crafting, papercrafting, card making and scrap booking had been a passion I'd indulge in as a form of relaxation and self satisfaction throughout the years.  Now as my household gets smaller I find I have had more passion (not to mention time) to create and share with others my wonderful art.   So in the last few months I have had the desire to design for this wonderful community of crafters taking my art even further.

So... remember my submitting a project for a digital stamps design team a few months back...that I didn't make?  Yes I was disappointed but know God always has a plan....yes he is faithful.  I jumped right back on the wagon and tried out again for another digital stamp company Silly Shy Sushi Dolls when they had their open design team call.  You guys....oh my I made it in!!!! I was so super excited and spent the whole day in shock....because not only did I become a Design Team Member it was for a company I love!  One that I believe in with my whole heart and soul..Suzi the artist is so special!  Wow and she picked me!! Oh and others too.....but Me because she loves my creations as much as I love her stamps!  A perfect union created from heaven.....so please come by and visit Im so blessed and can not wait to share my projects and hear what you think of my creations!  So I've attached a few pictures and my latest YouTube video of my Design Team (DT) creations.  Yes Dreams do come true when you wait on his perfect timimg!  ;). If your interested in purchasing any of these sweet digital images you can find them here at https://www.artcsushi.com/Sushi_s_Store.html or 
Go by and visit her website to get to know her as a person...she's has sush a wonderful soul...she 
would love it if you left her some love and tell her I sent ya!  Oops here is her site link 

Here are those pictures and videos I promised: 


Thank you all for your support and encouragement thought my time here in the blog world...you all hold a special place in my heart!  

Take care and God bless!  

((Hugs)) -Christine 

Come Join us in the 2013 May YouTube Scrapbooking Hop (YTSH)....Its their 2nd Birthday! 

Hope you all can make it I had allot of  fun creating my 12x12 layout of my favorite man EVER....my Dad!  He is gone but never forgotten so join us and take a look you won't be sorry!  :) 

There are 2 prize giveways if you decide you want to visit the other very talented ladies.  So that you can be part of the giveaway you must leave a comment one EVERY ONE on the YTSH line up.

So without further delay below  sneak peak of my project so come check out my video I am number 6 on the lineup so haon the line up....have fun ya'll!  :)

I have posted the line up for your convenience: 

Kiwi lane Designs -  www.Kiwilane.com  
Leonora -   www. craftytemplates.co.uk/scrapbookingkits.htm

To enter the giveaway you MUST leave a comment on each person's May YTLH

1. Sam - www.youtube.com/samwri1984
2. Kim - www.youtube.com/kimscrapper
3. Meital- www.youtube.com/tmeital
4. Kerry - www.youtube.com/kjmckenz
5. Stephanie - www.youtube.com/HerRoyalPrincess
6. Christine - www.youtube.com/serenityinhim  (Me!!)
7. Roni - http://www.youtube.com/user/Ronisuescrapper
8. Nicole - http://www.youtube.com/user/swtlady1
9 .Vicki - http://www.youtube.com/user/melovebono
10..Nancy- http://www.youtube.com/Scrapping60
Up next is Roni at http://www.youtube.com/user/Ronisuescrapp!

Have a great weekend!! :)

Hi everyone!  

So just a few days ago I went on a search for boy images I loved then I happened  to fall upon Mo’s Digital Pencil by Mo Manning!  http://www.mosdigitalpencil.com/. You guys….oh my goodness I was like a kid in a candy store every image I viewed showered me with memories, some happy, some sad and some just so perfect for life today.  Yes as I added each of the 144 images into my wish list it flooded my mind with projects for scrapbooking my old pictures of my son Matthew (now 20) when he was a baby, my own sweet 16 pictures, the vintage pictures my Mom has of my grandma….I literally went on an emotional journey of my life while sifting through them.  

So begins my new love….Mo Manningimages and here is the card I created using Big Shoes for my Mom on Mother’s Day.   I am so proud of it….well I am proud of all my creations but this one was special.  My mom always tells me that since I started walking loved I loved jewelry, pocket books and anything girlie I could find.  I would put my grandma’s pearls, grab her pocketbook and a shopping bag with a book in it and so let’s go Mama….today I love all those things as much as I did then.  I currently have 7 jewelry boxes mostly with costume jewelry,  about a dozen pocket books which I love trading with family members as my thrifty way of attaining a new pocketbook or two and not purchasing them all (I do buy some, bc I love them so) and have a very nice collection of books because I LOVE to read.  So when I saw this image it brought tears to my eyes as it caused me to reflect on myself as a little girl of how it all began….the story of me.  I always wondered would I ever be able to fill her big shoes….which is the name of this image.  My Mom fell in love with her (the image) and was taken 40 years ago when I was just 2…sniffle it was priceless!  

Here she is the little sweetie colored by me and if you scroll down to the end you can watch my YouTube video too: 

So to my surprise there was a Design Team Call for Mo’s Images…..really??  Wow what perfect timing huh?  SO this myfriends is my entry for “Mo’s Dream Team” because my Mom and son Lucas said on this day “You’re so talented and just don’t realize it.”  I create in the hopes of sharing to inspire others and that to me is enough but sometimes life takes a different turn.  Then just yesterday my friend says to me Christine you truly have a talent not only to make beautiful cards but a gift of telling a story with every little detail you put into them your amazing ….that is talent that must be further explored your Mother and son are right!  So here goes……I’m stepping out in faith and submitting my work. Yay!!


So you guys, please pray for me, cross your fingers, whatever you do please think of me as I take this HUGE leap of faith with my entry.   I love creating works of art for everyone to enjoy and I am so thankful to God for bestowing on me these artistic talents and look forward to continuing to explore my talents to share with you all.


So….ya’ll today take a leap of faith, do something you have been thinking of doing and just go ahead try when it is all said and done…. If it doesn’t turn out as you might like then you will be left with the triumph of having conquered your fears!
Have a great day!

So I have been excitedly waiting for my little baby to finish up his 6th grade in Middle School.  Time really does go by fast huh?  For my boys and I it has always and still remains extremely  important  to cherish the small things in life every single day!  There is a quote I saw somewhere that said cherish the small things in life because some day you will realize that they were the BIG things…well something like that.  Lol….I have been told that I look at life through rose colored glasses…yup I do and I am so happy I do!  Guess what my little guy Lucas is a Mini me…so does he!   I even created a layout about our sharing this trait and it is so beautiful!  So why not let me show it to you.....here it goes. 

I have encouraged my boys to take note of the small yet wonderful blessings that come our way every single day….the only difference with me is I choose to document them as well.   Life is beautiful despite the ups and downs!    So remember today take note of the beauty in life even if it is a minuet thing it should be cherished and why not documented too?  Hey I’m sure our future generations will be happy to see and read all about it!  This my friends is why I scrapbook because I want to share the roses I might see along my path in life. 
Have a fantastic day!


Life as its been......

So how have you all been!  I know so much has changed in my life....the last post was posted several years ago just before I got severely ill.  I spent allot of time in the past few years healing physically and emotionally.  I thank God every day that he gives me life yet another day to enjoy the simple things in life. 

Matthew my son now 20 is making his momma proud everyday by his accomplishements.  Just yesterday he got his final interview (three in total) with his District Manager and was officially promoted after just 10 months to Shift Supervisor at Starbucks!!!  Now he is not just my baby boy but a young accomplished Coffee Master (he passed many months of extensive training and testing as a Barista)....I love hearing him tell me stories about customers, coworker, Christmas events I hear the joy in his voice with every story and I feel so thankful that he loves what he does. 

Lucas is almost 12 and in Middleschool!!! Yikes times flies and he is in a school that he does not really like for many good reasons but as always he finds a way to help others and protect them from others through his talk of being nice to one another.  He is protective, strong, creative,thoughtful, respectful and loving which is something I have instilled in both of my boys but Lucas at such a youg age truly gets it all!  We walk the dog and he is looking around and checks the door at night constantly being a protector!  I call him Officer Rodriguez...as he dreams of becoming an animal control officer some day he already has the characteristics of an officer....a compassionate officer.  So he is almost out of school for the summer break and actually wants to go away to camp without Mommy can you beleive it!  Lol...so we will try and make it happen for him. :)

So I have become really involved in the Youtube community and feel truly blessed to have some of my most amazing friends whom I've met there.  I try and post weekly projects or challenges so I hope you can take time and visit sometime its www.youtube/serenityinhim

Some of my creations

Some of my creations

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