So I have been excitedly waiting for my little baby to finish up his 6th grade in Middle School.  Time really does go by fast huh?  For my boys and I it has always and still remains extremely  important  to cherish the small things in life every single day!  There is a quote I saw somewhere that said cherish the small things in life because some day you will realize that they were the BIG things…well something like that.  Lol….I have been told that I look at life through rose colored glasses…yup I do and I am so happy I do!  Guess what my little guy Lucas is a Mini me…so does he!   I even created a layout about our sharing this trait and it is so beautiful!  So why not let me show it to it goes. 

I have encouraged my boys to take note of the small yet wonderful blessings that come our way every single day….the only difference with me is I choose to document them as well.   Life is beautiful despite the ups and downs!    So remember today take note of the beauty in life even if it is a minuet thing it should be cherished and why not documented too?  Hey I’m sure our future generations will be happy to see and read all about it!  This my friends is why I scrapbook because I want to share the roses I might see along my path in life. 
Have a fantastic day!


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Some of my creations

Some of my creations

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