So I decided I wanted to see what all this blogging is about so thus here I am....In the world of the unknown. Until this new adventure I was under the impression that I was computer savvy or NOT but thanks to my 15 year baby Matt viola here I go! I can only take credit for the background because I found it pretty easy after I emailed my pal ...thanks Diana (I guess two wonderful minds think alike I suppose)wink fellow pink lady scrapper she recommended the same sight I had discovered a few minutes earlier. So together my computer genius son Matt and I finally figured it out...well somewhat. You will see some changes to the sight in days coming as I learn more things so please visit with me again. Today I spent a quiet evening with my family at Mom's and Cindy's celebrating El Dia De Los Tres Rejes (3 Kings Day) a Puerto Rican tradition that my sweet aunt Gia began and my mom has tried to continue. I love my Mom because she taught me about the importance of tradition to which I proudly impart in my two boys Matthew (who wants to be called Matt) and Lucas (who of course follows suite and wants to be called Luke). Luke received a gift and Matt played along but quietly felt left out...such a great kid he is and so extremely sensitive no matter what he says. Today Luke traded his friend a fake play dollar for $2.00 in real money?...huh? The favor of GOD heavily upon him just wait...kiddo the things GOD will do for you and in you. Food for thought(FFT): So for now as my pal Jonathan put it so eloquently: "remember that your blessed and try to be a blessing!" In his perfect peace, -christine

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  1. I'm so glad you did it! You chose a beautiful background for a beautiful blog. Love, Dee


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