So it’s Saturday June 27, 2009 and summer is finally here. I apologize for being so delayed as I have been ill but thank the Lord Almighty I am healed. I did learn many skills during the time I was off (a week) Its interesting how God will and our will sometimes do not agree (actually allot of times ;) when he says rest he will make you rest. So I decided to allow his will for my life and be still so what did I learn? My first lesson was to except the rest he had given me then put a plan in place. The hardest part was leaving my baby at Gradma’s so I could truly rest and he could finish his last week in school. I endured…. praise God in part because my other older baby kept me company as he had passed grade and I am so proud he will be a junior in HS in September and Luke will be heading to 3rd grade I am so proud! The next and most important thing I learned was that my boys need me and that the sacrifice would be worth it when I am there to hold there hands as they grow up. So after Monday I got it….wow I can actually scrapbook whenever I wanted woowee God is so good my rest would include something I love to do! So I enjoyed my favorite sight Scrapbooking and Crafting Friends and got really into all the fun and challenges! You should swing by and visit I know you’ll want to join its free and full of wonderful and great groups my favorite thing to do there is the challenges it takes me out of my comfort zone often but in the end I get pages done nearly every night! I am on their design team and have posted my first challenge and am ready to host my first bookmark swap…how fun! I cannot wait so come on by and visit you'll be glad you did. So I will be returning to work on Monday thankfully I am so excited and truly blessed to have a job. We will begin our vacation today the boys and I are out of school yippee! Today will be our first official day for some fun in the sun yogurt corn muffins and the best coffee with Luke at my favorite coffee shop in Jersey City, then its back home to bring Matt some, change into our bathing suits, off to the pool then back home to get all dolled up for my High School Reunion!!!! Stayed tuned for a play by play of my High School Reunion I have waited for this for 2 months now and am so happy Ken (the organizer) put another one together. I cannot wait see my friends some of which I have not seen in over 20 years!!! FFT: Today marks a new beginning for me I will embrace life and what God brings to me…yes including a date or two…....teehee. I will surround myself with people who are positive and more importantly who are God fearing. I am excited thanks for visiting and may God give you the desires of your heart and keep you safe. Remember that he is and should be the GIANT in our lives!

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Some of my creations

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