Hello all: I hope you are all well in health and in spirit. I know that my boys and I are feeling great praise the Lord. So as summer begins what have we been up to….let see. Let me begin by telling you all that I had a BLAST at my High School reunion seeing all my friends was absolutely amazing. Words could not describe the way I felt when I saw my girls, some boy pals, ex boyfriends and old friends turned new…wink wink ;). There are so many successful individuals and the best part was Ken who puts so much effort into planning, and confirming every single detail of this reunion. I have to say that although this is my second reunion, I think to myself that it could not get any better each time yet Ken does just that. The interesting thing was that I thought I could not be happier to see Janet, Sonia, Rosie and Angel but wow was I in for a surprise, so many fantastic men and women it just blew me away. Even those who I had long ago forgotten about were here as if no time had passed at all picking up where we last were it was absolutely amazing. Since then I have kept busy taking my boys to all that summer has to offer ….woo wee we can finally live… thank God for his mercy, he has given my boys and I a new beginning. So the 4th of July picnic hosted by sister Frances was an absolute hit. It was so great to see my family as well as my cousins and old friends hanging out and just loving life. The day was absolutely fabulous and as if that was enough on the way home we saw the fire works right in front of us. The awe of the lights along with that feeling of pride for the Independence most of us take for granted just blew me away. Then it was a trip to Dorney Park for me and the boys and to my amazement I saw my big baby and my little baby grow up right before my eyes. Luke finally made the height requirement “Go Luke!!!!” and without an ounce of fright he joined his big brother on everything he could. First ride he asked Matt can I get on with you? The second ride was “come on Luke you can get on, bye Mom!” Then on the third ride hand in hand…..(well not actually lol) off they went leaving me behind to my dismay as I am not very courageous. Matt was so great with his brother encouraging him “come on Luke you can do this your a big boy now” it was so wonderful and I will forever remember my boys’ first adventure together…. the first of many to come, praise God. Now Matt is off to an amazing experience in the wilderness of Vermont for 2 weeks on a back packing trip to document all that nature has to show him. He left on a beautiful Monday morning as my 15 year old baby soon to return as my 16 year old young man…sniffle….sniffle. Did I mention he wanted to go on this roughing- it backpack camping trip? I cried quite a bit, not because I don’t trust God with his safety but because I was reminded that in 2 years I would be sending him off to college to become the man I raised…yikes I tell you with my boys I am learning that time flies so why not spread your wings and fly along with it enjoying every moment of it because as my favorite quote states, “Live your life to the fullest because some day it just might be” and my boys are rapidly showing me how to truly live. I am reaping what I have sowed…..and now the skies the limit for me and my boys. Stay tuned on what we decide to do for our 2nd family vacation, one that is long over do. Will it be Florida, Philadelphia or Las Vegas….stay tuned on what we decide would be the most interesting and of course monetarily manageable.  FFT: Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today, God is good and more importantly almighty he can and will give us the desires of our heart in his timing not ours. Enjoy the remainder of July and don’t forget to be spontaneous and just do it I’m sure you won’t regret it. Peace -christine

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