Hello! So my boys are off to a new school year, Matt (wow) a junior in High School, Luke a 3rd grader. Interestingly enough Lucas is the exact age Matt was when I noticed the changes in him. Matt was affectionate at 8 as Luke is I am bracing myself for the change that will occur in both my boys sooner than I think. Matt is 16 now and extremely mature and completely heading in the right direction for his path in life, although I take it the female factor is yet to fully expose itself. I know female interaction will definitely take its position in his life so for that too I must prepare myself. I on the other hand was able to see that these changes will occur whether or not Mom is completely ready or not. I am happy to say that I presently enjoy both my boys despite the changes in them and I, they are the reason I strive to do better and better for myself. I have taken on the role not only as Mom but as role model and more importantly their pillar of strength. I take motherhood to the ultimate level in many ways, cooking, cleaning, creating and enforcing rules, laughing, conquering life’s challenges with a smile you name it I do it. I started a family tradition of eating every meal together so that we could talk and look each other in the eyes and discuss what is going on in each others eyes. I noticed recently what once may have been met with friction is now welcomed by us all. Matt actually waits to tell me the important things during this time and Luke also takes the opportunity to ask Matt and I important questions and engages in conversations as well. My newest tradition set in place is taking a picture of our elaborate breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Sometimes I share them with my FB pals or I just keep them in a file for the recipe scrapbook I am creating for each of them. I figure they will cherish not only the home cooked meals but the instructions on recreating these comfort foods with their families . I love tradition and the stability It brings to me and my family especially as we get caught up in the rustle and bustle of life. I’m always thinking of ways to begin new traditions it is my way of spending quality time with my boys and teaching them the importance of memories. What are some of your traditions? Think about what some of them are and be prepared to feel blessed because of them. If can’t think of any traditions in your household try and begin one today the memories and the rewards are abundant. FFT: Traditions are memories allowed by God for reflection. Wishing you blessings! -christine

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  1. Love the new blog look. This post was wonderful. Family is everything isn't it and I just want to say you sound like a great role model to your boys. Love ya!


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