Hello All: So October came and has gone and I have not had time to tell you all what is going on in our lives. As October began I join Stampin Up again, you all know how much I LOVE their products so naturally I became a demonstrator. This officially was also the month my Meetup Ups took off. I teach all kinds of classes in Manhattan so come on by and visit my meet up group and have some crafty good times… http://www.meetup.com/Serenity-in-Manhattan/. My little baby who is growing up turned 8 years old, can you believe how fast time flies? Although the celebrations started out rocky, Lucas said “Mommy this is the best birthday I EVER had”…not sure how this happened when it was planned at the very last minute and I did not get to invite more than 3 lil guests. Obviously it did not matter one bit to him, Grandma, Mom, Nelson, Shawn, Shania and Jade were there so that was good enough for him. Titi Frances, Betty, and Boo Boo join us at the tail end but just in time for the delicious buttercream cake with cookies n’cream ice cream(his preference). Bomb bags in the hallway was a hit as was bobbing for apples on a stick, crafting holiday ornaments, limbo, red light green light 123. We had a blast and thank the Lord for providing for us as well as the ability to celebrate my miracle whom he blessed me with 8 years ago. My mom enjoy her birthday as well with us and I know I speak for us all we are truly thankful to have such an incredible mom for another year. She is not only a Mom, Grandmother, Great Grand mother she is our BIGGEST role model. God bless you MOM thank you LORD for picking her to raise us your children..perfect match. Matthew went to interview with the FBI explorers program, and made me proud when he came to meet me at work dressed to the nines…my baby is not only handsome but professional at the ripe ol’ age of 16. I am busy with my meet up classes and enjoying an answered prayer to share with others my creative gifts. I have met some really cool women and look forward to more time spent doing what I love …creating ART. If you too love Stampin’ Up products and would like a workshop done in the comfort of your own home or need to order supplies feel free to drop me a note! I am looking forward to November which begins with my favorite holday Thanksgiving…what are you thankful for? I am thankful that GOD has allowed me to have a walk with him and that daily he shows me the plan he has for my life. Can’t wait to begin testing those new pie recipes..looking for a good recipe stay tuned and I will share some with you soon! FFT: October is a time of transition and GOD would never leave us as we transition remember he is right there in the midst of it…seeing you through it ALL! Enjoy your last few days in October because the family times are about to begin. -christine

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Some of my creations

Some of my creations

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