1. Love is in the air, this month I am going to my cousins wedding and a good friends Mom is getting married after so many years of being alone. I am so happy to know that love never dies and that having faith is key to finding the right person for you.

    I created this for my friend as she enjoys buying cards kits from me as well as completed cards. I am hoping she loves it as much as I do, everything is designed by me and handmade including the envelope.

    Thanks for looking and remember it is never too late to find love!

  2. Hi Christina,
    Thanks for the swarm and lesson on using the gypsy. I appreciate it. Looking forward to more meet ups.

  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I just became your follower. I see that you are a sister in Christ! Love what you wrote in your profile. have a wonderful and blessed day!

    Beatriz from Amazing Grace blog


Some of my creations

Some of my creations

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