Its been a really really long time and boy has life changed...a countless amount of times.  Some great some sad and some normal but I am thankful I have life and good health.  My boys are 23 and 15 and I am still a single Mom now living in Philadelphia, not loving it but still here by Gods grace.

I pray all of you are well and that you are all ready for Christmas 2016 to come.  The month my family and I celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ...for this is why I love this holiday so much for when he was born his grace he came to give us and my heart will be eternally grateful.

So I will try and post more as I have been wondering how to document all the wonderful pictures of meals with my little guy Lucas.  He loves taking pictures of food and is a foodie like his mama...Matt is too and he is quite the cook! Lucas would much rather eat a fabulous meal than cook it but Matt wouldnt mind cooking it up so its a win win.

Thanks for sticking with me after all these years!  

Happy Holidays all!! God bless you and your family!


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Some of my creations

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